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Some information about us.
About Us

About Us

Key Facts:

  • Founded May 1999
  • Strategic acquisitions throughout the United States
  • Office openings strengthen presence in key markets
  • Average of 25 years experience specifically in retirement services in each office
  • Leveraging technology to provide convenient access to critical information
  • Internet account access
  • Telephone support and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system adds to robust service offering
  • Over $10 billion in assets
  • More than 7,000 plans and 550,000 plan participants

Our core business is retirement financial services offering a combination of offices nationwide, technology leveraged for efficiency and expertise in the retirement financial services arena

The JaaFal Mission:

  • To provide objective retirement guidance and unbiased investment advice to our client-employers through JaaFal Advisors, Inc.
  • To deliver objective retirement guidance and unbiased investment advice to our client-employees.
  • To develop industry-leading services that utilize technology-enhanced solutions.
  • To offer an unparalleled array of investment options.
  • To service our client-employers and client-employees with integrity and equal vigor.

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  • Press members can contact JaaFal via email or by phone.
  • For phone contact, the following individuals are available to assist you based on their respective areas of expertise.
  • To send an email, please contact us.

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