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This site will be continually updated with the information and tools needed to provide comprehensive retirement services to clients when the firm partners with JaaFal.

Strategic Partnerships that Help Clients Invest Smart. Retire Right.

  • JaaFal joins forces with a variety of firms
  • Broker/Dealers, Investment Advisory Firms, Insurance Companies, Affinity Groups to name a few
  • Core competencies allow each firm to concentrate on providing the types of financial services they do best and to augment those services by forging strong alliances that benefit both companies

Widening the possibilities tailoring the solutions

For more information on the benefits of a partnership with JaaFal, please contact us.

JaaFal believes in fully disclosing all plan costs, including mutual fund revenue sharing. Such fees can be utilized by plan sponsors to offset plan costs.

The fundamental variables that determine the cost of a plan include:

  • Total plan assets
  • Number of participants
  • Plan type
  • Investment Program: choose iAdvise, iSelect, iDirect
  • Conversion requirements of existing plan to JaaFal
  • Trustee alternative
  • Transaction and service level choices

Mutual Fund Revenue Sharing offset plan costs

JaaFal and its affiliates do not retain any service fees or other reimbursements for advisory services on the following investment programs:

Revenue sharing paid by mutual fund companies may include 12b-1 fees, shareholder service fees and sub-transfer agent fees. These fees are returned to the Trust to offset plan costs in all advisory programs and the iDirect Program. JaaFal may retain certain of these fees in connection with mutual funds made available under its iSelect Program, rather than assess asset-based fees to the plan.

Recordkeeping Costs:

Base and per head cost charges depend on the type of plan selected. Minimum costs are used to accommodate small plans. These charges generally increase with the complexity of the plan. (For example, profit sharing plans are the least complex, new comparability plans are the most complex. Charges would vary accordingly.) Participant unit costs decrease based on increased numbers of participants added to the plan.

Asset-Based Fees:

This fee-based charge decreases on a percentage basis as plan assets grow and as the numbers of participants in the plan increase. Costs also may vary depending on the investment program alternative selected. JaaFal offers five investment program alternatives click here to find out about JaaFal Programs and Services.

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