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JaaFal iAdvise Program

Rigorous Quantitative and Qualitative Screening Simplified Fiduciary Responsibility

  • JaaFal Advisors, Inc. utilizes a highly disciplined, quantitative and qualitative approach to mutual fund analysis
  • Fiduciary responsibilities are effectively supported
  • Investment analysis and monitoring procedures
  • Top tier investment alternatives that meet strict criteria
  • More than 90 pre-screened funds in the top tier of their peer group
  • Funds represent 21 distinct asset classes
  • Criteria assessed includes: Track Record; Manager Tenure; Performance Consistency; Minimum Assets; Expenses; Morningstar Category Rating; Risk; Style Consistency; Portfolio Construction and Management Experience
  • Plan Sponsors may use mutual fund revenue sharing to offset plan costs
Features Benefits to the Plan
Unbiased Investment Advice Disciplined quantitative and qualitative analysis
JaaFal and its affiliates do not retain any fund-related reimbursements for advisory services
JaaFal is not a fund manager
Broad Investment Options Committed to objectivity: we assess the breadth of mutual fund options
Appropriate recommendations made based on plan needs
Screening process defines fund alternatives well-suited to the plan without bias
Fiduciary Support JaaFal Advisors shares the burden of fiduciary responsibility
We'll even put it in writing
Decades of retirement experience
Employer Communication Written quarterly reports
Measures fund performance and characteristics relative to criteria stated in the Investment Policy Statement (IPS)
Stringent Monitoring Ensures that fund track record is consistently strong
Stability and consistency of investment management expertise is evaluated
Strength of investment management firm taken into account
Monitors investments to assure they have met prudent criteria
Fund expense requirements translate into shareholder efficiency
Retains consistency in the asset class
Convenience Account information available
Access information over the phone through our Interactive Voice Response system (IVR)
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