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JaaFal iDirect Program

Broad Investment Choice
Total Plan Flexibility

  • Allows the plan sponsor the most flexibility to choose investment alternatives and service options
  • JaaFal Advisors does not perform investment analysis and monitoring for the iDirect Program
  • Plan Sponsor and Trustee assume fiduciary responsibility for the plan
  • JaaFal provides a broad range of tools to assist the Plan Sponsor in developing a customized plan and the Investment Policy Statement (IPS)
  • JaaFal continually reviews investment options from which Plan Sponsors and Trustees may choose
Features Benefits to the Plan
Broad Investment Options Plan Sponsor chooses mutual funds that fit needs
Over 1,000 investments managed by nearly 125 fund families
Plan Sponsor designs a customized plan
Flexibility Design the IPS
Revenue Sharing Utilize investment fees to offset plan costs
Convenience Account information available
Access information over the phone through our Interactive Voice Response system
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