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Sponsors - Pension Direct

For more information on how JaaFal Pension Direct service can benefit your business and your employees, please contact us.

  • One-source solution for defined benefit administration with JaaFal Inc.
  • State-of-the-art technology for participants and sponsors: actuarial services, forecasting and investment advisory services
  • Bundled or unbundled service options available
  • Increase your employee's appreciation and understanding of their pension benefits
  • Minimize your staff requirements in managing the plan
  • Leverage our technology to increase response time and reporting accuracy

      We'll take you there

      JaaFal's core business is retirement financial services: defined benefit and defined contribution, qualified and nonqualified plans

      We build long-term relationships while you build employee loyalty

      • Technology is leveraged to automate information delivery and forecasting at the touch of a button
      • Online participant access to information
      • Online sponsor access to reporting
      • National presence, local service

      Tailored technology solutions regardless of the complexity

      • Benefits Computation System (BCS) projections JaaFal's own powerful, calculation engine for defined benefit plans!
      • Precise calculation amounts not just estimates
      • Integrated information feeds for retirement modeling: Social Security, defined contribution assets, savings, etc.
      • Web access or professionally staffed call center at your employees' convenience
      • Plan sponsor tools and resources automatic and accurate

      Employee communication & education at their convenience

      • Robust website:
        • View of current benefits
        • Benefit & retirement income modeling
        • Integrated retirement planner
        • Tutorial of plan provisions & terminology
        • Document request site (handbooks, summary plan descriptions)
        • Review / change personal data
        • Benefit commencement capabilities
      • Participant Call Center staffed by professionals
      • Interactive Voice Response system, available 24/7/365, toll-free with full participant services capabilities

      Plan Sponsor Support at the speed of the Internet

      • Robust website:
        • Member calculations
        • Batch calculations
        • Employee / Census data
        • Online reports & calendar
        • Tutorial
        • Early retirement windows
        • Transaction statistics
        • Integrated JF(k) information
      • Actuarial Services traditional, core services
      • Forecasting liabilities and assets in real time
      • Investment Services consulting & due diligence
      • Compliance Services
      • Conversion, Implementation and Plan Administration Services
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